4 Great Fishing Hot Spots In Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay is a place that offers some of the best fishing spots where your anglers always come back full. Here, you can choose between deep sea, saltwater and freshwater fishing with about 200 different fish species. Keep reading if you want to find out the hot spots.


The right time to catch snook is at the beginning of spring all the way through early summer. Lighted docks, small, canals, deep channels are drawing in snook to feed. From the Port Manatee channel, large fish are being taken in huge numbers.

Bishop Harbor and Cockroach Bay are good spots for fishing, and they are located in the center of Tampa Bay. Some channels that are deeper, are located just outside the Skyway Bridge between islands, and they are close to the south shore, are nice spots for fishing.

Spotted Sea Trout

These fish mainly feed on anchovies, mullet, menhaden, crabs, and shrimp. If you are on a hunt for this fish, then the right place for you is around Fort DeSoto near the mouth of Tampa Bay during the summer. The perfect time to fish here is dusk or dawn.

If you want something new, go fishing in the grass flats that are 6-8 feet deep and you can also take advantage of the drop-offs that are around the sand bars. When it is hot, you can find trout near the sandbars bottom or in the grass flats.


During May and June, you can be very successful in catching tarpon in Tampa Bay because that is the time when they are migrating up from the south while chasing baitfish. The best fishing hot spots in Tampa Bay for tarpons are below the bridges throughout the months of summer. You should try to fish on the Sunshine Skyway for the whole summer while the fish are eating sardines and herring.

The Hillsborough River is also a good place to fish with the ship basins surrounding. Check out the mud flats at Saint Pete Clearwater Airport, you will have a good catch there too. Fishing in the deep flats at Apollo Beach, Mermaid Point, Air Force Base and MacDill are also nice choices.


During September and October, you can find large schools of redfish swimming through the shallow flats of Tampa Bay. Bunces Pass is also a good fishing spot for redfish because it features spoil islands and has a good water flow. Also, on the east side of Mullet Key, you can find some amazing spots for redfish.

Go into Boca Ciega Bay through Fort DeSoto Bridge. In this Bay are located Calf and cow islands and on the west side of this bay, you can find Jackass Key. Each one of these locations provides huge schools of redfish.


If you are a great fan of fishing, then you should definitely visit Tampa Bay, because it almost has infinite possible fishing locations. Depending on what fish you would like to fish, there is a place for all your desires.

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