Who We Are And Why Tampa Bay?

Hey, I am Jonathan, born on 1989, I am a doctor studying to be a surgeon. My hobbies are extreme sports and I also like gaming. My girlfriend’s name is Elenore, she is also a doctor studying to become a pediatrician. We are dating for about 6 years.

The first experience

It was summer vacation 2015, and both of us were crowded with studying and going to work, so we didn't actually plan where to go. And then, out of nowhere, I saw an article about Tampa Bay. So I said to myself, why not, it is not like we have anything planned. So I just booked our flight tickets and reserved a condo online, and told her 2 days before our flight that we were going.

She liked it from the start. I mean, what is there to not like in Tampa Bay. Beautiful beaches everywhere, crowded ones and also quiet ones, bars on every single corner. Lots of amazing and fun stuff to do as a tourist.

Heck, you can go swimming with sharks, go dive in the aquarium.

All that happening so fast, we ended up spending 10 days in Tampa.

The return

This place actually dazzled us. If you are a couple like us who likes to do different stuff every day, then this is the perfect place for you. I remember that one day we went shark swimming, I mean I did, Elenore was too scared for that.

The other day we played an amazing real-life Adventure game where you go through the city and complete different quests and answer trivia using augmented vision, GPS location and all of that is provided by the organizers. These are just two of many amazing things we have done.

Do you want to know the result? After three months the first time we got the chance we went back to that marvelous place. And let me tell you, it was even better than the last time.

From that point on…

From that point on we have been to Tampa about 9-10 times. And let me tell you, the more you go there the more you like it. Even though we know the surrounding and are like locals, there is always something new to try out. And that actually makes Tampa even better because it never gets boring.

I also started fishing, because Tampa has some amazing fishing hot spots all over the Bay.

Every time we go, we try to book different places to stay, we go to different restaurants and always do different activities. This place also has beautiful museums and a large library. Tampa Bay is a place made for everyone.

Doesn’t matter if you are a geek, single, married, adventurer, kid, explorer, you will always find something for yourself.

Learn from our personal experience, we guarantee you that you won’t make a mistake by going to this place, it is perfect.

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